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Our vision.

We aim to become the leading, most valued and largest company in the Baltic States.

Our mission.

To provide maximum comfort for each of our passengers traveling together in our vehicles. Maintain and improve the quality of service with every step, taking into account all the highest standards of service.

Our values.

The quality of service and experience of every customer, every passenger in communicating with our employees and traveling in our vehicles is important to us. Our passenger is our value!

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Who we are?

We are a modern, reliable, fast-growing group of passenger transportation business services serving customers in all Baltic countries. From the beginning, a quality cartel has been raised: it is always important for us to provide the highest level of service in order to win the trust of every customer.

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What services do we provide?

We serve both legal entities and individuals, offering a wide range of transport services: minibus rental, bus rental, on-demand passenger transport, wedding transport, transport for delegations, business trips. We are friends with most of the companies for which we offer attractive terms of cooperation.

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What transport do we offer?

Our fleet consists of only modern vehicles, from passenger cars of various models to minivans, minibuses and large buses. Most of our vehicles have been specially ordered and made to order. We promptly serve all Lithuanian cities, Baltic states and Poland. We guarantee the quality of our services.


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Our history and development...

Audi Q8
Award, gazele2022

Evitra is more than a transport group: we operate as a closed platform that unites carriers and passengers. We grow every year. Get to know our development history:

2023 The development strategy continues in the new office: the car park is being renovated. The new Audi Q8 and Audi A6 have hit the roads. These cars will ensure comfort for our passengers and safety on the road. The Audi Q8 is perhaps one of the best benchmarks for crossovers. The Audi Q8 impressively combines the emotional lines of a sports coupe with the spaciousness of an SUV. The Audi Q8 is the most famous model of the Q family in the Audi range.
2022 Is a time of new breakthroughs. Most of the own fleet is being renovated. We were one of the first to receive a VW Taigo, never seen before in Lithuania. Volkswagen Taigo is a stylish coupe-crossover. A new model city SUV with advantages, at first glance Taigo looks sporty and modern. In order to fulfill the wishes of our customers, we receive a new luxury minivan Mercedes-Benz V-class from the factory. Evitra contributes to the transportation of war refugees from the Ukrainian-Polish border to Lithuania. We are also renewing the selection of passenger cars and presenting the newest Merces-Benz C-class — Lithuanian car of the year 2022! The long-term car rental service is being developed. Evitra, according to "Verslo žinios", is on the list of the fastest growing companies, among 6,967 companies. Just before Christmas, Evitra moves to a new modern office. We received the "Gazelle 2022" title.

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2021 Is our year of development. We received the "Strongest in Lithuania 2021" certificate for our high credit rating. The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary. At the request of our customers, the services are expanded: a long-term driverless car rental service is introduced, which complements the successful driverless minibus service. Companies that take care of their employees become customers of long-term car rentals.
We had the great honor to provide transportation and service for the particularly important guests of the country visiting Lithuania - the delegation of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy with the country's ministers. Evitra begins cooperation with Škoda and FIAT representatives: our fleet is supplemented by new Škoda and FIAT vehicles.
2020 The beginning was difficult for all passenger transport companies due to the imposed quarantine. However, already in 2020 summer, Evitra presented the new Audi A6 sedan to its passengers. Wedding car rental services are being expanded, they are becoming valued and popular throughout Lithuania.
2019 The additional vehicle fleet is also being updated. We bought VW and Audi passenger cars. We visited the Audi factory in Germany where our Audi A5 Sportback were manufactured.
2018 We started cooperation with "ALTAS komercinis transportas" manufacturer and official Mercedes-Benz representative Silberauto (currently VEHO). During the historic visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Lithuania, we provided complex transport services for the entire delegation. Since December, we actively started cooperating with the Audi dealership Moller Auto Keturi Ziedai.
2017 Bus rental services are being expanded. New Opel cars are on order.
2016 We lauched project Evios.lt. The project is intended for discerning passengers who want exclusive attention and want to travel in the most luxurious transport.
2015 We started purchasing new vehicles. It is becoming a good tradition to buy a new car every year. A partnership has been established with Opel representatives. The services have started to be provided in Estonia. We lauched project TallinnTransfer.com.
2014 We focused attention on our own passenger minibuses.
2013 Services started to be provided in Latvia. We lauched project RigaTransfer.eu.
2012 The VilniusTransfer.com project was successfully launched. The main idea of the project: individual transportation of passengers from Vilnius airport. The website became the first private transportation website in the Baltic States, which allowed to order and pay for transportation online. In the beginning, this separate website was intended for foreigners coming to Lithuania, but later it will also be needed for persons living in Lithuania and returning to the country. Lithuanian and international companies began to use the services, for which it is important how their business guests travel in Lithuania. Our drivers started to represent Lithuania. Driver-guide services have been started.
2011 In March, we started our activities, organizing staff trips to Great Britain, according to the orders of recruitment companies, we provided minibus rental services without a driver. In the same year, we decided to give up traveling to Great Britain, to change the direction of our activities.

Evitra hobby

An undying passion for cars is our hobby!

Transport is our passion. We are interested in both passenger transport innovations and retro technology. We participate in car presentations and exhibitions. We go to car museums several times a year. We visit them in the most diverse countries of the world. in 2019 At the invitation of AUDI, we visited the factory in Ingolstadt (Germany).
Evitra restored a Mercedes-Benz 230E (W123), we participated in retro car meetings. We also collect model cars which can be seenin our facebook page.

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Our company received the only business reliability certificate used in all Baltic countries "Strongest in Lithuania".
"Strongest in Lithuania" is a certificate given to financially reliable Lithuanian companies, substantiating the company's good credit history. The certificate confirms that the company is reliable and very likely to fulfill its financial obligations in the future. This assessment reflects the company's good economic condition and financial results, as well as its contribution to the development of the Lithuanian economy and fair business culture. The certificate is issued by the credit bureau "Credit Info".

evitra sustainability


We take environmental, social, governance (ESG) factors into account in our activities. Evitra's goal is the activity and initiative of young people. Social factors are important steps. We encourage young people, we believe in their potential and desire to improve.
Environmental sustainability. We enrich the roads with the latest transport that meets strict ecological standards. In the coming years, we are planning to buy a long-distance electric cars for the uninterupted experience for our clients. We are waiting when they are offered by car manufacturers.


Evitra and sports

We are the carrier of the HC Amber handball team. The sports team likes to travel in a Mercedes-Benz tourist minibus and after the match they are happy to settle down in the comfortable and convenient seats of this minibus.

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EVITRA reviews

We are positively evaluated by Lithuanian and foreign customers, private individuals, and state institutions.
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